A Rugged LoRaWAN or NB-IoT Development Board for Challenging Applications. Integrated Battery Management, GPS and Fault Detection.

Key Features

Ultra Low Power

Many years battery life when deployed.

Battery Management

Accurate battery monitoring and fault detection.

Rugged & Reliable

High temperature operations and ESD resistance.

Out of the Box Support

Large range of fully supported sensors.

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Connectivity At Any Scale

Tracking and Sensing

From high value asset tracking to sensing on a mass scale the IronLink provides the perfect hardware to get your systems connected to the cloud. With on-board GPS tracking the IronLink is location aware out of the box.

IronLink LoRa

With an onboard LoRaWAN modem the IronLink LoRa can connect to one of the lowest power networking technologies in the world. Feeding back GPS location and sensor readings while maintaining years of battery life.

Rugged, Out of the Box

Our platform comes with high temperature range operation and ESD protection as default, and with the option of IP rated enclosures or resin filled cases you can rest assured the IronLink is ready to collect data from the most challenging environments.


IronLink NB-IoT

With an option of NB-IoT or LTE-M this IronLink version offers all of the features of the LoRA with an ultra low power cellular modem giving coverage across much of the globe.

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IronLink, Connectivity Simplified

If you need low-power connectivity for asset tracking or mass sensing applications the IronLink is the easiest way to get started with LPWAN.

Does the eSIM work out of the box?

The embedded SIM card is not pre-activated, the IronLink is ready to transmit data as soon as you top up the sim card. 

Does it come with data?

All IronLink LTE devices are eligible for 10 Euros worth of free data. Simply register your device's with us and claim your data to get connected. 

Are SMS messages included with the eSIM?

The SIM includes 10 Euros of free data. 

Do I have to use the embedded SIM?

We provide the eSIM to make fleet management cheaper and reduce overheads, but use of the eSIM is not mandatory. We provide a micro SIM connector on the back of the board so you may use any provider of cellular data.

Can I use the eSIM and an external SIM card?

Absolutely, the eSIM and regular sim card are connected to a multiplexer and can be easily switched in software. The eSIM is generally more rugged than a standard SIM card and makes an great backup in the case of a failure.

Use Cases




Smart Metering

Smart Cities

Energy Supply

Connected Cars


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