IronLink LoRA 915MHz with GPS



IronLink RF Development Board LoRA 915MHz with GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS an Ultra-low power consumption RF Development Board.

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Product Name

IronLink LoRa 915MHz

Product Description

IronLink LoRa is an industrial Low-Power, Long Range LoRa® transceiver with GPS capabilities. A Rugged LoRaWAN Development Board for challenging applications. Integrated battery management, GPS and Fault Detection. IronLink is suitable for simple long range sensor applications with external host MCU. This enables devices such as sensors and embedded computers to connect to the internet.


With an easy to connect process, you are creating the most substantial aspect of your IoT data network. This has been designed by developers in the industry with an aim to make deployment and integration as painless as possible.  LoRa technology is ideal for battery-operated sensors and low power applications such as IoT, M2M, Smart City, Sensor networks, Industrial automation, and more.


ARM Cortex-M0 48Mhz, 128KB Flash, 16KB RAM






5V / 1.5A USB

3.7V 2-Pin Terminal LiPO Charger

Regulated 3.3V / 500mA

3.7 LiPo Output 2A (Through Fuel Gauge)

The LiPo output can provide high current for external devices but is still tracked by the fuel gauge to ensure accurate tracking of the battery’s current capacity.

Power Consumption

Sleep < 7uA


CPU Running < 5mA
LoRa Transmit < 50mA
Power consumption varies with use of the modem, GPS module and peripheral devices. External devices and peripherals should be put into a deep sleep or de-initialised to save power when operating from a battery.

Core Features

Low-Power Long Range Transceiver

The RN2903 module complies with the LoRaWAN Class A protocol specifications and is the first LoRa module to pass LoRa Alliance Certification testing.  It is certified to the LoRaWAN 1.0 specification, ensuring that designers can quickly and easily integrate their end devices into any LoRaWAN network. It integrates RF, a baseband controller, command Application Programming Interface (API) processor, making it a complete long range solution.

28 Pin header for addons

This header provides the flexibility to add on additional boards to suit projects needs.

6 channel 12bit ADC for sensor add-ons

Multichannel adc is provided to make it simple to take raw sensor data in from any sensor with analog outputs and send it over the LORA network.

GPS with Easy Mode

Combining advanced AGPS called EASY™ (Embedded Assist System) and proven AlwaysLocate™ technology, L86 achieves the highest performance and fully meets the industrial standard. EASY™ technology ensures L86 can calculate and predict orbits automatically using the ephemeris data (up to 3 days) stored in internal flash memory, so L86 can fix position quickly even at indoor signal levels with low power consumption. Or on-board GPS with 1second lock time (*When in easy mode) 

ARM Cortex-M0 Processor

Cortex-M0 is ideal for energy-harvesting sensing applications. The exceptional code density of the Cortex-M0 significantly reduces memory requirements, which optimizes the use of on-chip Flash memory to save memory cost, reduce power, and increase performance.

Integrated EEProm

With an integrated EEprom it’s easy to program and erase the contents without removing it from the board or test jig. Additional equipment is not required for this process and it’s possible to re-program EEPROM infinite number of times

Lora Antenna

This antenna gives the Iron Link Up to 15 km coverage at suburban; up to 5 km coverage at urban area

Rugged by design

By incorporating industrially rated components IronLink LoRA can withstand harsh environments.

HAL software for easy programming

Benefits include; Easier requirements gathering, Enhanced understanding across multiple teams leading to better feedback and collaboration, Faster iteration, Reduced cost.

Battery and power management

External devices and peripherals can be put into a deep sleep or de-initialised to save power when operating from a battery. Onboard Fuel gauge allows you to check the status of your battery, ideal for remote projects. This also allows for predictive maintenance for your solution, saving in cost and management time.

USB serial interface for debugging

A universal debugging option for user convenience.

Optional external upgraded GPS antenna

This upgrade antenna is Water resistant and features GSM with 28 dBi. This will extend the range for GPS communication with the board. 


LoRa Specifications


LoRa 915Mhz (US & AU Version)



Part 1 – 


Quectel GNSS L86

Part 2 – 

Main LoRa Antenna

SMA male connector

Part 3 – 

GPS Expansion Antenna

SMA male connector

Part 4 – 

Communication Model

LoRa 915Mhz (US & AU Version)

Part 5 – 

GPIO Header


Part 6 – 


ARM Cortex-M0 48Mhz, 128KB Flash, 16KB RAM

Part 7 – 

Programing Header

Programming Microcontroller and Debugging

Part 8 – 

Micro USB

Battery Charging, Data (Optional Serial Port), Primary Power

Part 9 – 

Battery Port

2 Pin Screw Terminal

Part 10 – 

Battery Management

SMA male connector

Onboard settings and indicators

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IronLink Data sheets

Code snippets

RN2903 Commands Manual

GPS GNSS L86 Commands Manual

3D & 2D borad files