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Uploading a program using the USB bootloader

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IronLink USB DFU Bootloader

The default bootloader that is provided with the IronLink boards to allow uploading of firmware via the USB port without the need of a debugger.

Supported Boards

Entering Bootloader Mode

The IronLink bootloader can be entered through a jump in software or by connecting GPIO1 to GND. If GPIO1 is connected to GND while the device is powering on it will enter bootloader mode and a DFU device will become available via USB.

DfuSe Flashing Software

Bootloader Details

The IronLink default bootloader will flash and run applications from the address 0x08008000 which gives the developer 96Kb of application flash for their projects. When the application jumps to the users application in flash all 16Kb of system RAM is available.

User App Flash Address0x08008000
Total Available Flash128Kb
Bootloader Flash Size32Kb
Application Flash Size96Kb

Uploading Firmware using the Bootloader

Your application must be in DFU format in order to upload it to the IronLink. In the examples directory of this repository you will find a number of example programs in the DFU format that can be used to test the IronLink.

  1. Download and install the ST DfuSe software which will be used to flash programs onto the IronLink.

  2. Open the application DfuSeDemo. If the IronLink is connected correctly you will see a device called "STM Device in DFU Mode" with 64 sectors of memory.

DfuSe Flashing Software

  1. Next click "Choose..." and select the DFU files that you wish to upload onto the IronLink

DfuSe Flashing Software

  1. Finally click on upgrade and the DFU firmware file should be uploaded to the board. Reboot the board and the new firmware should now execute on the board.

DfuSe Flashing Software

DFU Example Programs

usb serial systick.dfuPrints the current value of the systick over the USB serial.