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Getting Started Programming the IronLink

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IronLink Setup Guide

This guide is a quickstart tutorial for the IronLink LoRa and LTE boards

Supported Boards for this Tutorial

Programming the boards

USB Bootloader

The board is pre-flashed with a bootloader which allows you to upload your programs to the board using the USB interface. The bootloader will run automatically if no firmware has been uploaded to the board or if GPIO0 has been shorted to GND upon powering on. You will need to make changes to your application code in order for it to correctly run with the bootloader. Follow the current link to show you how to modify your code to work with the USB bootloader

Building firmware for the Bootloader

SWD Debug Header

The SWD header is a 2x5 (10-pin) connector with a 1.27mm pitch. This header connects to the SWD interface on the board which allows for debugging and flashing of firmware directly to the board. To use this header you will need a debugger (e.g. ST-LINK V2) and an adapter to connect to the 10-pin header on the PCB.

SWD Adapter for Ironlink Board