One of the easiest ways to get started with the IronLink is to use the CubeMX project generator provided by ST Micro. This tool will generate all of the initialisation code needed for a number of programming environments. You can download the tool here:

Download CubeMX

CubeMX supports a number of development environments although for this tutorial we are going to use TrueStudio which is easy to set up and well supported. You can download TrueStudio from the following link:

Download TrueStudio

You can download our template that defines the different pin functions on the IronLink boards. This template is generic and some pins such as GPIO may need to be changed for your specific purposes.

IronLink LTE Template

When loaded into CubeMX you can customise the default pinouts for your specific needs, when you are done click on generate code and the software will generate a code template.

Under the project manager tab you can select different toolchains. Although by default the project will generate code for TrueStudio.